Monica BilakI use human-centered design and strategy to improve education, boost local economies and help communities plan for a brighter future.

I work in education, non profit management and local government, so I speak the language and understand the systems and processes that are in place. Through my roles in public service, I’ve been able to manage large scale strategic planning, marketing campaigns, public art projects, events, and redevelopment efforts. Some of the most gratifying work I do is with communities, helping  them design positive environments and experiences. For a snapshot of that process, check out the Hackable Cities DIY guide for making your community better.

As a former owner and operator of numerous small businesses – lodging, restaurant, retail, and development consultancy  – I’m always interested in the challenges that create growth. My role flows in and out of design thinking, economic development, small business development and creating the supports of education, talent and workforce. I use a human centered design approach to unlock behavior and insights so that my clients can build winning strategies.

As a connector of people to projects, I’m always looking for ways to leverage opportunity which is the heart of design and strategy. I have developed strategy for state agencies, local government and education using processes that uniquely engage stakeholders and open organizations up to promising results.

I hold a master’s degree in education from the University of Kansas and a master’s in strategic design and management from Parsons New School in New York.



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