No Jumping

No Jumping

Jumping is good for the soul.

Schools and Strategy – Playing to Win

When I first started thinking about the strategy of schools, I was reading A.G. Lafley’s Playing to Win. I hadn’t really thought of a school district as needing to win per se. I thought schools were on a mission for equity and touted that “everyone is a winner and capable of excellence” kind of stuff. However, in Kentucky at least, I found that the incentives for school funding can drive competitive behaviors between districts. Income from the number of students in attendance is a significant revenue stream. In the game of education, this is a big deal especially if you are in a …

Growing Talent in Two Worlds

About a month ago, I took a storytelling workshop online through IDEO U. My goal was to find a more compelling way to share the results from 9 months of implementing our technology pipeline. There’s no bullet points, bar charts or executive summary. My hope is that you get the essence of what we tried to do, why, and where we are headed next. My greatest intention with this project was to end up with an empathic design that reached the kids who needed it the most. To do this, every step centers around starting early with play, building relationships, and having coaches …


The Artist’s Delimma

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The next few weeks will become Nikki and Monica’s Great Adventure, two friends committed to weekly coffee and figuring out how to fill our days with work that is meaningful and deeply gratifying.

Growing Talent – The Ongoing End

In a month we will come upon our year anniversary of starting this journey of school reaching out to industry.  It started with the school district connecting with the community. A simple talk at a Chamber of Commerce event set the stage. Listening ears perked up and responded. It’s a dance. The more we collaborate, the more we continue to gain a deeper understanding of each other and that the times they really are a changin’. None of us can continue doing school and business like we have been. Last week I was listening to the president of Murray State University speak about the new …

Hackable Cities – Re imagine Your Neighborhood

Hackable Cities is a way for a anyone to get about the business of making their community a better place. This project was my first attempt as an agile scrum master, and I fell in love with the process immediately. Using agile, we produced this book in about 8 weeks. I had a star cast of the brightest people I have ever had the privilege to work with. Fellow community developer, Jonathan Rewers, and I did final edits and helped lead the team through the actual the process in the Eixample neighborhood in Barcelona, Spain. We ended up winning a Design for …


Growing Talent – The Nudge

Last month I experienced one of the most powerful things we’ve done so far to connect students and teachers with industry. I’ve described in recent posts how in our journey to build talent in tech, we’ve started the conversation with school leaders, industry, and higher education. We’ve examined the student journey to see where we connect and disconnect. But none of this has gotten the traction or even the power to change attitudes so quickly as our most recent endeavor which was to get out of the building and put the target customer (aka the student) in the space. We created a …