Moving Forward to Grow Talent in Technology

Here’s the latest on our K-Career Technology Pipeline. This past October, we even took it up another notch and put everyone in the room together to hash out our local talent development issues in emerging industries. By everyone, I mean the Kentucky Department of Education was talking to industry leaders, secondary and higher education professionals and leaders, and economic development leaders. It was an exhausting all day event, but we made headway. We learned that: we must get those closest to our students (teachers, coaches, guidance counselors, family advocates) to become the most informed about the new realities of work and industry. …

The Work Ready Project

They asked for “out of the box,” and so we delivered. After working for over 18 months on this concept from user experiences to analogous research in and out of state, to many, many, many industry conversations, I present our Work ready concept as the Paducah Regional Innovation Hub. The executive summary sums it up nicely or you can just watch the slide presentation below it. The University of Kentucky Paducah Campus, the Paducah Public Schools, WKCTC, Murray State University, Paducah Economic Development, Computer Services, Inc., the city of Paducah, and an additional and growing number of public/private regional partners …

No Jumping

No Jumping

Jumping is good for the soul.

Schools and Strategy – Playing to Win

When I first started thinking about the strategy of schools, I was reading A.G. Lafley’s Playing to Win. I hadn’t really thought of a school district as needing to win per se. I thought schools were on a mission for equity and touted that “everyone is a winner and capable of excellence” kind of stuff. However, in Kentucky at least, I found that the incentives for school funding can drive competitive behaviors between districts. Income from the number of students in attendance is a significant revenue stream. In the game of education, this is a big deal especially if you are in a …

Growing Talent in Two Worlds

About a month ago, I took a storytelling workshop online through IDEO U. My goal was to find a more compelling way to share the results from 9 months of implementing our technology pipeline. There’s no bullet points, bar charts or executive summary. My hope is that you get the essence of what we tried to do, why, and where we are headed next. My greatest intention with this project was to end up with an empathic design that reached the kids who needed it the most. To do this, every step centers around starting early with play, building relationships, and having coaches …


The Artist’s Delimma

The next few weeks will become Nikki and Monica’s Great Adventure, two friends committed to weekly coffee and figuring out how to fill our days with work that is meaningful and deeply gratifying.